Panoramic X-Rays & CT Scans

Panoramic X-Rays & CT Scans

Panoramic x-rays

Panoramic x-rays show both the upper and lower jaws on a single x-ray. This type of x-ray is useful for detecting the position of fully emerged and soon-to-be emerged teeth. It can identify which teeth are impacted and aid in the diagnosis of tumors.

This x-ray provides a full picture of your whole mouth, providing the dentist with images of your upper and lower jaw, sinuses, and jaw joint. The purpose of a panoramic x-ray is to show the general condition of all the teeth, and is used to help track your general tooth development, trauma, jaw joint pain, wisdom teeth, bone loss, and certain abnormalities. This x-ray gives a broad view of the mouth at the expensive of some finer details that an intraoral x-ray would provide.

CT Scans

3D scan images show much more than simple “flat” x-rays. This new technology provides more complete visual information to study your dental case from every angle. Best of all, the original scan data can be duplicated anytime to provide different specialists with images if needed later. For complex implant cases, this type of x-ray is the ultimate technology that allows your doctor not only to take a look at your specific anatomic conditions, but also to plan in advance a highly precise surgical solution. Cone beam x-rays help reduce the risk of complications, which in turn leads to more predictable and precise outcomes.